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Upper Rogue River - Crater Lake National Park

Upper Rogue River

The Upper Rogue River area includes Crater Lake National Park and Boundary Springs where the Rogue River literally jumps from the ground and starts it's 200 mile journey to the Ocean at Gold Beach. The Upper Rogue River extends down river until it crosses Interstate 5 between Gold Hill and the town of Rogue River. The Rogue skirts along the Table Rocks and the rich Rogue Valley. Towns of Union Creek - Prospect - Shady Cove - Eagle Point - White City - Central Point - Medford - Ashland -Jacksonville and others.
Lake Of The Woods Resort

Middle Rogue River

Beginning near the town of Rogue River home to the famous Rogue River Rooster Crow. The Rogue flows through the town of Grants Pass OR. all so referred to by locals as River City.

Right in the middle of town there is a Tour Boat Ride on the waters of the Middle Rogue River. A very popular attraction carrying near 100,000 visitors annually.
Very good Salmon and Steelhead fishing in the area much of the year but not the hot summer months.

Rogue River Whitewater Rafting - Rogue River Canyon Rafting

Rogue River Canyon

The Rogue River Canyon section begins about 25 miles down river from Grants Pass at the small river town of Galice. From Galice down river it is over 50 miles to civilization again, no roads - no gas stations and actually mostly no motorized travel. Travel by river or hiking only.

It is here the famous Rogue River Canyon Whitewater Rafting and Drift Boat Fishing (in fall months) occurs. The canyon widens at Agnes, Or. about 30 mile upriver from the rivers mouth at Gold Beach. See O.A.R.S for rafting.

Rogue River Fishing at Gold Beach Oregon

Lower Rogue River

Is considered the Lower 34 miles of the river or Foster Bar Boat Ramp and Park to the mouth of the river at Gold Beach. This area is a magnet of outdoor adventure with year around Salmon and Steelhead fishing in river and May through October Ocean Charters.
May through October the famous Rogue River Tour Boats take travelers upriver as much as 52 miles into the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River.
Gold Beach has Lodging - RV Parks and Dinning as well as the most scenic area of the Oregon Coast.

Ireland's Ocean Front RV Park 

Gold Beach Oregon Home of The Rogue River Tour Boats

Rogue River
Gold Beach, Or.

The Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach OR. The Rogue River is the heart of Gold Beach, a seaport town of 2,200 in population which has been greeting and entertaining Oregon Coast traveler for 100 years. Many visitors come to Gold Beach just 37 miles north of Brookings, every year to escape hot summer temperatures inland. We have great fishing both in the ocean and river all summer and fall. Tour Boats run May to October - Gold Beach is a great base for your Oregon Coast Vacation.
Gold Beach Inn Lodging
Ireland's Ocean Front RV Park 

Brookings Oregon - Chetco River Fishing - Ocean Charters

Chetco River
Brookings, OR.

Brookings Oregon the southern most Oregon Coast seaport town is just 7 miles north of the California state line. About 6,500 in population there is good shopping.

Great Ocean fishing thanks to the flattest ocean bar in Oregon. The Chetco River is a jewel to fish for Salmon and Steelhead Nov. though March.
Harris Beach State Park is a favorite tourist location - very nice campground here.

Best Western Beachfront Inn
Ocean Front Lodging

Elk River Salmon Fishing

Elk & Sixes Rivers
Port Orford, OR.

Port Orford Oregon's oldest seaport town located located 27 miles north of Gold Beach OR. A small town with a fishing problem - limited Lodging options but several RV Parks and campgrounds, Just north of town is Cape Blanco State Park. Home to one of the largest Country Music Festivals in Oregon in July.

The Elk River is just North of Port Orford and is a stellar King Salmon and Steelhead fishing river in Late October through March.
Elk River Campground is the best fishing information and access to those staying there.

Cascade Mountains

The Southern Cascade Mountains boarder Rogue River Country on the East. Ranging from 4500 ft to 10,000 ft. in elevation. Cool Mountain camping with fishing and water skiing in the summer months and snowmobiling in winter months.

Lots of good lakes and campgrounds. Diamond Lake at the headwaters of the Umpqua River near the north entrance to Crater Lake National Park is a fishing jewel. Likely the best trout fishing lake in the state.

Lake of The Woods Resort on Hwy 140 is one of our favorites.

Bandon Oregon - Bullards Beach State Park

Coquille River
Bandon, OR.

Bandon Oregon home of world class golf and the Coquille River.

Bandon is a great small Oregon seaport town with a developed Old Town shopping area with restaurants and board walks. Visit the Face Rock Cheese Factory or test yourself at one of the 5 World Class Golf courses of Bandon Dunes Resort. There are several other Golf Courses also.
Best Fuel Prices on the Oregon Coast!

July thru October there is great King Salmon fishing and Crabbing. Contact Tony's Crab Shack & Port of Call for best current information.

Coos Bay Estuary - Rogue River Country

Coos River Estuary, Coos Bay, OR.

Coos Bay area is the Oregon Coasts largest population center with about 35,000 people is several small towns. The Old Mill Casio on hwy 101 board walks and the huge saltwater estuary are major attractions.

Very good fishing for King Salmon in the estuary in the fall. In the ocean big fishing attractions are Albacore and Halibut fishing charters.

Sea Plane Rides and Railway Museum.

Oregon Whale Watching

Umpqua River
Winchester Bay
, OR.

A top Seaport town of about 500 people just south of Reedsport. Lots of great fishing and crabbing opportunities.

Near the Dunes National Recreation area with several RV Parks with trails into the dunes.

Visit the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park just 2 miles from Winchester Bay.

Not far away up Hwy 38 is Loon Lake Resort

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes
National Recreation Area

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area draws 10's of thousands of outdoor visitors annually. Centered at Reedsport  just a few miles north of Winchester Bay.

Also just 3 miles east of Reedsport on Hwy 38 is the Dean Creek Elk Viewing area. The worlds largest Elk the Roosevelt is almost always in viwe.

Not far away up Hwy 38 is Loon Lake Resort

Rogue River Vacation Information - Oregon Vacations

Considering a vacation to Southern Oregon? Let Rogue River Country help you understand the outdoor recreational opportunities available to you on your Southern Oregon Vacation. Within these pages you will find not only what to see and where to go but contacts for many top notch outdoor recreation providers. If your interests are river rafting or river Salmon Fishing or perhaps casting a fly for a Summer Steelhead on a famous steelhead fishing river, need camping information we have it all.

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast Vacation
Ride the Jet Boats and the wild waters of the Rogue!

Oregon Coast Vacations

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast Vacation Activities: Whitewater Tour Boat River Ride, fish the river for King Salmon or Winter Steelhead on the Elk River or Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead on the North Umpqua River. Try Whitewater River Rafting on the federally designated Wild and Scenic Rogue or Umpqua River. Hike one of the 12 National Wilderness Areas. Walk on a secluded Oregon beach at sunrise or watch the sunset into the Pacific Ocean. Here on the Oregon Coast we have entirely publicly owned beaches, one of only two states that can say this, the other is Hawaii.

Oregon Coast Vacations

Port of Gold Beach at the mouth of the Rogue

Port of Gold Beach at the mouth of the Rogue

Southern Oregon Vacation Attractions

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast Vacation

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast Vacation

Southern Oregon Coast Vacations

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast VacationThere are great opportunities to find secluded beaches along the southern Oregon coastline for perfect hiking opportunities. Enjoy Clamming, Tide-pooling and Dungeness crabbing which are all popular Southern Oregon Coast Vacation activities. Wind Surfing is popular throughout the summer months all along the Southern Oregon Coast. Visit one of the many operating Lighthouses along the coast or take in Kite Flying festivals found at many of our local communities.

Headland Hiking Trails run nearly the entire Southern Oregon coastline and inland many hiking opertunites from the Sky-Line Trail to the Rogue River Trail. Bird Watching Trail systems are now being developed. For hiking options see our link to Oregon Coast hiking trails. Visit our Oregon Bird Watching page for Bird Watching opportunities.

Camping and Whitewater River Rafting.

Rogue River Tour Boat Rides on your Oregon Coast VacationWhat better way to bring friends and family's together but a fun, active Southern Oregon camping and Rogue River Rafting trip? The Rogue River offers guests a travel experience they will never forget. Southern Oregon the River runs through it.